Dining at AUBG

Blagoevgrad, known in ancient times by the Thracian name Skaptopara, meaning market town, has a pleasant climate which is well suited to the production of delicious fruits and vegetables. It is no surprise then, that our very own on-campus dining hall, The Hungry Griffin, uses the best of the local ingredients and serve up a range of fresh, tasty dishes to our student body.

Sometimes the chef will create an international dish to delight students from one of the 40 nations we host here at AUBG. Whatever your preferences, you’ll find a selection of meals ranging from barbecued meat, salad, pizza and pasta to Bulgarian favorites. Meals are paid for via your student account, and you are able to make deposits into this in advance, so each mealtime you only need to swipe a card to pay for your meal. 

If you are looking to get a quicker snack, a delicious cup of coffee, or freshly squeezed orange juice, then you can stop by the coffee shop, located on the ground floor of the ABF Student Center. There is also the coffee shop at Skaptopara 1 Residence Hall, open during the school year for all students' convenience. 

Students who love to eat out will find a wide variety of cuisines in Blagoevgrad itself, while passionate home cooks will be able to make full use of the communal kitchen facilities in the halls of residence.

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